Customer Support

Our customer service team is available to help you seven days a week. NWMLS membership includes free phone and technical support, free listing input services, free classes, workshops and webinars, online tutorials and user guides, online forms and manuals, arbitration assistance, an online store and 18 member service centers throughout our coverage area.

Friendly Help Desk & Technical Support 7 Days a Week:

*  Knowledgeable and friendly call center located at our Headquarters in Kirkland
*  Skilled technical support staff
*  Free listing input services
*  Hands-on computer classes
*  Lecture classes on legal developments and forms
*  Question/answer sessions with highly skilled trainers
*  Online webinars, tutorials and user guides
*  Online forms and manuals
*  Arbitration assistance
*  Online store with a variety of real estate items
*  18 member service centers throughout our coverage area